Each program features a wide variety of live critters, chosen for their interesting characteristics and the ability to fascinate and educate. Our approach is to present interesting and fun  information, while at the same time challenging and involving the audience with the program. It  has been our experience that an interest in science (in a broader sense) often results from learning about and being stimulated by some fascinating critters.




$290 for "Boas vs. Pythons" program (Any Group Size)
[Note:  "Boas vs. Pythons" rate is $305 for Arlington ISD schools.*]

$275 for an "Auditorium" program (generally over 35 people)

[Note:  "Auditorium" rate is $290 for Arlington ISD schools.*]
 $240 for a second back-to-back "Auditorium" program

 [Note: Back-to-back "Auditorium" rate for AISD is $255.*]

$240 for a "Classroom" program (generally up to 35 people)

[Note:  "Classroom" rate is $260 for Arlington ISD schools.*]
 $220 for a second back-to-back "Classroom" program

 [Note: Back-to-back "Classroom" rate for AISD is $235.*]


$280 for a WILD Birthday Party

(please contact at least ONE Month in Advance)

 Hourly for a "Festival" booth $220 for the 1st hour; $200 for each additional hour

[Note: "Festival" booth rate for AISD is $240 1st hour; $215 each additional hour.*]

Programs are typically 45-50 minutes in length, but they can be adjusted to meet your needs. Also, mileage surcharges are not included in these rates and are added to the Total Presentation Fee.

* Higher fees for Arlington ISD schools are due to additional insurance requirements.

We Accept:


SNAKES: Marvelous Creatures

Learn how to identify, avoid, and even appreciate these marvelously adapted creatures. (PowerPoint presentation and live snakes; most appropriate for late elementary through adults)

The Unhuggables

All the critters you thought you hated! This program generally includes large hissing cockroaches, creepy tarantulas, slithery snakes, and other various reptiles and invertebrates that might be on hand.

Cool, Cold-blooded Critters

These might include a lizard (like a bluetongue skink or a savannah monitor), nonvenomous snake (kingsnake, bullsnake, or rosy boa), turtle (like an African spurred tortoise), caiman, and large python or boa.

Amazing Adaptations

See and learn about some unusual structural and behavioral adaptations that make it possible for some of our more interesting critters to survive.

Boas vs. Pythons

There is much more to this fascinating group of snakes than what we get from many mythical tales. Now you can learn the rest of the story. Meet some of the smaller and gentler members of this family - from Africa, Australia, North America, South America, and southeast Asia. You may never think of them as man-eaters again!

Design Your Own Program

We invite you to help us design a program to fit your specific curriculum needs. We would love to assist you by reinforcing

concepts and vocabulary words, as well as leave you with

some ideas for interdisciplinary, follow-up activities.


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We believe that young people learn best when they are intrigued, challenged, involved, and entertained. Our goal is that everyone, including us, has a great time during our presentations. We highlight relevant information on a wide variety of conservation and natural history topics, as well as promote literacy.  Wildlife On The Move Programming is available for Public Schools, Private Schools, Home School Associations, Daycare Centers, Libraries, Organizations, Churches, Festivals, Media Outlets, and Parties. Our ability to educate and entertain makes the possibilities limitless!

TEKS Info:
Public school programs are designed to be correlated with elements of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Every

effort is made to employ all elements

possible in the areas of science, mathematics, english, language arts, & reading. Please contact us if you would like to receive a TEKS Correlation Sheet for a given program.

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